The first in-ear-system witha a lithium battery

Since the beginning of the pandemic and wearing masks being mandatory, the In-ear hearing aid has gained popularity. Sure why not? Space behind your ears is limited, and it’s overwhelming enough to wear masks and specs.

With Livio Edge AI, we offer you a hearing aid that doesn’t interfere with your mask and offers you the freedom of impeccable hearing:

  • Lithium battery technology for maximum independence
  • Integrated artificial intelligence, a hearing system that thinks
  • revolutionary sound, special bandwidth for music in the Edge-Mode
  • Take phone calls with iPhone and Android 10 upwards
  • Streaming for Music and TV
  • Live translation via app
  • Fitness tracking via app
  • And much more!

Livio Edge AI now at hörgeräte hermanns – have a listen!n

Everyone´s talking about this hearing aid

Brand New: The almost invisible mini hearing aid Signia X is available in Lübeck.

With this, the revolutionary In-ear system by Signia (formerly Siemens) enters the third round of evolution. Based on the X – series chip and equipped with the newest technological advances while reducing its size by 17% compared to its predecessor.

Many useres have reported a better understanding of speech, an improvement in confidence and comfort while receiving positive responses from their surroundings.

Our team of highly trained audiologists has closely examined this new star along with testers in the categories’ discretion, pricing, and hearing improvement.

Signia SILK: The hidden workstation

After a thorough technological exam by our team of audiologists along with the feedback of 120 testers, the new generation of Signia X has left a very positive impression: All testers have not only reported a significant improvement in understanding of their environment but also higher wearing comfort. In addition to that, we assure you that this system is so discreet that people around you will hardly notice.

“When I showed the hearing aids I have been wearing for 2 weeks to my husband, he couldn’t believe I had worn them all this time” – says a tester.


Exceptionel customer satisfaction

He marshes 900 km from Wilhelmshaven to the Zugspitze, crossed the southpole during snow storms and runs in ultramarathons: Joey Kell. Known from several tv shows and for most from being the senior brother of the popular Kelly Family,

The athlete is the symbol of reaching goals through cheer power of will – and in doing so perfroming at his best. The best was also done by the team of hörgeräte hermanns for their clients, found the 2022 survey amongst hundreds of hearing aid users, which made the awarding by the celebrity a special moment for Robin Hartmeyer.

,,Through out his life, Kelly hand so many awards in his hands, that it makes this award special for me.‘‘

The hörPlus promise


Developed by hearing experts with hundreds of clients  hörPlus is offering a unique way to your best hearing experience.

  • everyday analysis: Find out which signal to noise ratio defines your daily routines.
  • hearing wishes : Your personal wishes are the center of our work.
  • live comparision : Testing different hearing aids in the same situation by changing the device ad hoc gives you the chance to hear the differnce in products.
  • quantil messurement: This scientific method enables us to give you the best possible understanding with hearing systems.
  • NeuroFit : Training your audiological cotrex for maximum performance

Edgar and Robin Hartmeyer

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for customer satisfaction

Whoever’s in need of a hearing system aid in Lübeck or Bad Schwartau is in the best hands at hörgeräte hermanns! According to a customer survey from the independent quality association Pro Akustik in Hannover, customers have rated the audiologist Edgar Hartmeyer with a grade of 1,3 for customer satisfaction with their hearing aids! He and his team won the award by Pro Akustik for their exceptional work. This top-grade 1 isn’t the only one for the hörgeräte hermanns Team. In the category of overall competence, they scored a 1,2 grade, according to the quality association. “We are delighted about this award.”, says Edgar Hartmeyer.

EORA hearing jewlery now at hörgeräte hermanns in Lübeck and Bad Schwartau

-hearing to be seen- 

We from hörgeräte hermanns allways want to be entrepreneurs in every field of audiological thinking. That is why we are happy to present the EORA hearing jewlery in the north of germany. This first hearing aid build into an ear ring inspired already many clients an suprises their surrounding. Eventhough the best hearing aids are trying to be invisible today, this hearing devices trys to be boald. To be one of the few premium stores to present the EORA and the different ear rings that come with it, is one of our most satisfying wins in this decade. If you want to try it, call us and get your appointment for the live comparision with EORA

About us

The company

Why hörgeräte hermanns?

It’s our goal to help all people with hearing impairments to experience hearing in a whole new way. Hearing is the sense that connects us with other people. Not only information, but also feelings are transported with this sense. Thus, good hearing is a crucial facet of our lives – no one would be able to enjoy life without taste. To help you recapture a particularly large piece of quality of life, we have been providing the north of Germany with individual hearing solutions for over 60 years. We train more than a hundred hours a year, develop our own concepts in individual hearing system consultation and fitting, and think outside the box. As a member of the European Union of Hearing Aid Audiologists ( EUHA ), the quality association Pro Akustik and the innovation portal hörPlus+, we not only have the advantage of accompanying the latest developments for you, but also of shaping them. All with just one goal : to recapture your sense of hearing.

The management

Since 1997 Edgar Hartmeyer has been the manager and owner of the family-owned company in Lübeck.

With an additional branch in Bad Schwartau, and his entry into the quality community Pro Akustik, he always strives to provide the best possible care for any hearing loss. Pro Akustik stands for Audiologists who are committed to top quality from the hands of master craftsmen, based on the motifs of German craftsmanship. He is complemented in audiological and technical management by his son Robin, who, after training in Kiel, spent his time as a young Audiologist in Hamburg and Berlin.

The history

Hörgeräte hermanns was originally founded in 1963.

At that time, there were hardly any specialised stores nationwide that were dedicated solely to hearing aid care, because the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Audiologists was also not founded until a good 2 years later. Before Mr. Hermanns started his own business, he had already been supplying the people of Lübeck with hearing aids in the old-established company Lehmensieck, which also had hearing aids in its program at that time. The first specialised store under the name hörgeräte hermanns was established in Königstr. 32 . Two years later the company moved to the main shopping street of Lübeck, the Breite Straße. After only 6 years Werner Hermanns had to rent another room in the backyard to build a laboratory and a second studio. In 1982, he then expanded the business to include the second floor premises, which were connected by an elevator. When a few years later, in the summer of 1988, the bachelor of professionals student Edgar Hartmeyer introduced himself and applied for a part-time job to support his young family, no one suspected that Hermanns would suffer a heart attack shortly after his protégé passed his examination. He survived, but the doctors predicted a long recovery period. Edgar Hartmeyer stepped in as the Audiologist and temporarily took over the management of the company. After one and a half years, when W. Hermanns was back in business, he offered to buy the company from his former student. Together they worked side by side for several years until Werner Hermanns went into his well-deserved retirement in 1999, at the age of 70. Edgar Hartmeyer managed the company alone for 13 years, until his son Robin Hartmeyer joined the company in 2012. With his mother, father and family dog, he completes the traditional company with a focus on technical innovation. Only when innovation and tradition go hand in hand can you move into the future without losing your values.


The 3D printing technology enabled the production of significantly smaller and thinner earpieces, which is now used as a conventional method. After the audiologist has taken an impression from the ear canal, it’s scanned and instantly available for 3D printing. The shape and form can be exactly determined on-screen. It also enables us to simulate the technological construction to assess what makes a good fit.

The hearing aid nobody sees – but everyone talks about.


Signia, the new name of former SIEMENS HÖRGERÄTE, invented the Silk some  years ago and made the first serial in the chanel hearing possible.

It works with most light hearing losses and does not occlude the ear channel which would make the own voice scrawny and noisy. 

By the way: The original Silk ist also produced by Signia’s daughter companys under other  names i.e. HORIZON.

Unsure if a hearing aid is right for you?

Test it straight away!


The right hearing aid

We’re often asked: ”What's the best hearing aid?”

or “Which hearing aid should I use?” or “Can I only hear well with expensive hearing aids?” – Behind these questions is a perfectly understandable uncertainty from the person asking, who, as soon as he or she becomes involved with hearing aids, quickly realises that there are hundreds of types of hearing systems. In the ever faster developing technical modern age the hearing aid industry annually throws new amplifier technologies on the market. Advertised with statements such as “New is better”, “Almost invisible” etc. Additionally friends, family and acquaintances have recommendations and suggestions and relevant websites advertise with “tips and tricks when buying hearing aids”. Thus, the questions aren’t a surprise, are they not an expression of a lack of direction, longing for simple answers. ~ Our recommendation is a very simple one, which is hidden behind the following question: ,,Who is the hearing aid for?” The important thing is that you find the “right” hearing aid for you during your fitting; so you can say: “My hearing aid is the one for me!”. The almost 6000 hearing systems on the market (all of which we can supply) segment themselves by anamnesis and hearing loss alone to about 33%. After that, the hearing aid selection depends solely on your hearing goals. In which situations do you want comfort and where can you go without it? How important is it to you that the system is not visible? Are there any special interfaces, automatisms, control options, etc. needed? Again, these are questions that cannot be answered off the cuff, but can be answered from practical experience. Therefore, we recommend that you compare hearing aids of different performance classes in order to become aware of what your core benefit is. An Audiologist is your advisor and manufacturer with the core task of correcting any hearing loss as best as possible by programming the hearing aid, pointing out technical limitations and offering alternative solutions. However, the Audiologist does not have to wear the hearing aid himself every day for several years. We see it as our task to help you make a decision by means of a transparent comparison of hearing aids. You decide how you hear.

Types of hearing aids

With hearing aids, we differentiate between type, model and price range.

The type of construction first differentiates the position of the hearing aid when worn, i.e. is it a system that sits classically behind the ear (behind-the-ear system, BTE for short) and is connected to the ear, or is the device stored in a mould plastic directly in the ear (In-the-ear hearing system, in short ITE). This model can be compared to the bodywork of a car. Car manufacturers produce different models (coupe, station wagon, etc.) and equip them with the same engine. The class of the car defines the power of the engine and the extra equipment. Each hearing aid manufacturer produces hearing aids in every price range, so you can buy basic – systems or a gold class system from every manufacturer. In recent years, they focused on developing hearing aids that are as small as possible, and at the same time, much emphasis has been placed on optimising speech understanding in complex and noisy situations. In the meantime, this trend has led to hearing aid technologies with high energy requirements, which in turn leads to an increased frequency of battery change, meaning high follow-up costs. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are now focusing on the development and sale of rechargeable battery systems.

In-the-ear heaing aids

ITEs are known as a royal discipline among hearing aids

Their construction is quite complex, as the technology of the system has to be housed in a customised hollow shell. The ideal ITE sits deep in the ear canal and can only be seen by an outsider looking closely at the ear. In-the-ear hearing systems can be fitted for (almost) all hearing losses. The only obstacle is the ear canal itself, because the technology requires a certain cross-section depending on the hearing loss. If the ear canal is too narrow or too curved for this, no in-the-ear hearing system can be fitted.

Tinnitus & Hearing Trianing

Due to more strain on mental and physical health today, many people develop tinnitus. A noise that only you can hear, but permanently. With the Tinnitus-Retraining-Therapy, our tinnitus therapists will help you determine the possible causes and provide relief through special equipment. Together we will test different approaches for relief to end anxiety that comes with tinnitus. With our special training, we utilise that knowledge to help the burdened ear better process speech. – With this being said the training will not completely replace a hearing aid but will boost its effectiveness.

Additional products

Hearing aid connected audio adapters

These adapters will enable the possibility to directly combine your TV or HiFi Sounds into your hearing aid. It allows you to hear the sound via the hearing aid, and enjoy the personalised amplification while still being able to follow a conversation in a room.


You won’t need a hearing aid for these headphones to transmit the sound from your TV or HiFi System. Your loved ones can regulate the TV volume independently of yours.

Individual Headphones

Individual headphones guarantee HiFi Sound with a perfect fit. They can be modified depending on the individual needs such as colour, ports, One- or two chassis technology, and traditional or cordless connection to suit your needs. Furthermore, we can provide individualised in-ear monitoring for musicians, pilots, telephone operators or security staff.

Individual ear protection

No matter where: Festivals, concerts, in bed or at work - the ear needs to be protected, or you’ll be our customer sooner than you think.

Hunting and shooting hearing protection

Active suppression of gunshots with complete freedom of movement. With our individually manufactured products, you can hear the game change, but not the shot.

Light signalling systems

With advanced hearing loss or complex architecture, it is advisable to make warning signals visible. From doorbells to smoke detectors, from alarm clocks to telephones, this is a great way to make sure you don't miss anything. And best of all, your health insurance will pay for it.

Cleaning and care products

With our own range of care products, you benefit from the latest in hygiene research. Whether nano-pearl coating or UV drying ~ we can cover every need.

Money Air-Bag

The Money Air-Bag guarantees carefree listening pleasure. No further costs for repairs, batteries, earpieces and even loss are covered.

Paediatric Care

Even little ears sometimes don’t hear everything ~ here, professional care is even more important because the child’s brain is only just forming the speech centre. Edgar Hartmeyer has been successfully caring for children in Lübeck for over 30 years. Robin Hartmeyer has also been entrusted with the care of children since 2014 through further training as a paediatric audiologist at the Academy for Hearing Acoustics. In hearing training, we use this experience to help the strained ears better process speech. – It should be said that hearing training does not replace a hearing aid, but it does increase its effectiveness.

Spectrum of Services

At hörgeräte hermanns we differentiate between the performance classes of hearing systems in the so-called hearing scale, consisting of the classes:

Basic ~ Hearing systems that are completely covered by the fixed amount of your health insurance.

Bronze ~ Hearing systems that already have more comfort or cosmetic features than the basic class. Usually with semi-automatic control.

Silver ~ Fully automatic systems with increased comfort functions.

Gold ~ Fully automatic hearing systems with maximum comfort functions.

You determine the right performance class for yourself by comparison. This is important because every person and every life situation is unique, and that is exactly how the hearing aid must be.


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